Our mission is to produce superior quality beef in the Ottawa Valley while working to build a relationship with consumers and businesses.

Andrew and Julie Dawson with cows

RiverRun Farms is a family farming operation in Lanark, Ontario, that raises superior quality, all-natural and grass-fed beef with a focus on sustainable production practices for the local marketplace. We have chosen this type of farming because it is more environmentally friendly, more humane for the animals, and also healthier for the consumer.

We sell our beef by the half, or quarter or smaller sized packages to provide an amount that is just right for your family. We also sell ground beef by the pound.


Grass-fed Beef

At RiverRun Farms, our cows are grass-fed. Our beef cattle are raised on pasture where they can roam free during the warm weather and during winter months we feed them a diet of farm-produced hay and silage with access to comfortable shelters. There is an increasing demand for an ability to track a cow from birth onward, our farms have the capacity to raise our cattle in family herds. This means from birth to maturity, our cattle are raised on our farm to ensure you get the best grass-fed beef possible.

No Hormones Beef

We understand that our customers are concerned with the quality of the food they eat and how those animals are raised and cared for. At RiverRun Farms, we protect our animals from receiving any growth-promoting hormones, steroids or unnecessary antibiotics. Our facilities are designed to maximize comfort and care for our cattle where they have access to fresh clean water and farm produced hay and silage. We are confident that the beef we produce is of the highest quality with no added hormones.

Beef Products

Our individual beef products include the following:

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Beef Packages

Our convenient pre-packaged orders include the following:


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“We purchased a side of Beef from River Run Heritage Farms and OMG was it good. Thank you to Andrew and Julie for the great packaging and delicious produce. Our Family loved the stewed Beef and Steaks. You really can taste the difference between this meat and store-bought regular beef.”
Samuel J, Ottawa