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The RiverRun Farms’ Difference

RiverRun Farms is a sustainable family business that is focused on the next generation.

RiverRun Farms is a family farming operation that focuses on sustainable production practices for the local marketplace.

At RiverRun Farms, the well-being of our animals is very important to us. We take great pride in raising our cattle with respect and care in a healthy and sustainable environment.

Our cattle are raised on pasture during the warm weather and during winter months we feed them a diet of farm-produced hay and silage. Our animals do not receive growth-promoting hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

Our animals are processed with the same dignity and respect with which they are raised. All meat is processed and packaged in Eastern Ontario by those who choose to support local businesses and farms.

Our Core Values

  • People—Support family and team members to achieve excellence
  • Integrity—Honesty, fairness and doing the right thing
  • Dedication—to agriculture and healthy food for the mind and body
  • Sustainability
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RiverRun Farms’ History

RiverRun Farms is built on a strong legacy of farming which began in 1821 when Julie’s ancestors arrived from Scotland. The McIlquham’s, the Blair’s and now the Dawson’s have continued love of growing food to feed families.

After purchasing the farm from Julie’s parents in 2004, Andrew and Julie have continued to grow their family farm to over 750 acres that are used for pasturing their beef cattle as well as growing strawberries, hay, corn, soybeans and wheat.

In 2021, the farm will be celebrating 200 years in the same family.

Dawson family cow on leash

The Dawson Family

Andrew and Julie met while attending the University of Guelph and married in 2000. With degrees in crop science and animal science, they have a strong understanding of agricultural practices and technologies. They continue to invest in making this farm a viable operation by attending workshops and seminars to stay current with new practices and in the application of new technologies and equipment.

Their children, Connor and Caroline, are actively involved in the farming operation and can be found helping check the cattle or during the summer months picking strawberries for sale at the roadside stand.

The Dawson family remains deeply committed to the community by volunteering on several boards and organizations. 4-H is an essential part of the daily lives of this farming family as they are active members and leaders.

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